Foam adhered to fixing points of seat frame
Adhesive solutions
for coach- and track vehicle seats


Automotive Industry

Adhesives are an important component in the manufacturing process of the automotive industry. OYTI adhesives are mainly used in the interior of a vehicle. Whether if it is the assembly of seats, trunk lining or surface coverage of the doors and ceiling OYTI hot melts offer solid solutions for these applications.

Various material combinations are used in car interiors such as textiles, foils or real leather. OYTI adhesives are designed to master the most challenging manufacturing methods and allow their customers to not only offer durability of car interiors but also high visual appeal.


OYTITHERM Hot Melt Adhesives have proven to be highly suitable for the manufacturing of vehicle seats. Their high initial and final strength provide excellent outcomes for manufacturers of automotive seats. The seat foam is adhered to the fixing points of the frame.

Decor foils such as PVC
Carrier part based on ABS


Due to their high shear stability and easy reactivation, OYTIPUR Water Based Adhesives are perfectly suitable for use in the automotive industry for manufacturing various interior parts like door panels, headliners or column trims.

OYTIPUR dispersions are based on Polyurethane. 1-component and 2-component systems are available. Firstly the adhesive is applicated on the carrier part. Once dried, the “marriage” between carrier part and foil is completed by heated (membrane) presses.