3D Film Lamination

The design of furniture constantly changes. So do the requirements of specific furniture parts, like kitchen and bathroom furniture fronts or interior doors. Especially when it comes to complex 3D patterns on the MDF panel, high performance adhesives are used for the lamination with PVC foils.

OYTIPUR dispersions are 1-component or 2-component systems and are being used with membrane presses. Once the foil is placed over the MDF panel, the membrane press is getting in contact with the foil and applies heat. With the application of vacuum, the foil is finally pressed to the MDF panel and the adhesive is reactivated through the heat.


OYTIPUR Dispersion Adhesives are based on polyurethane and provide extremely high peel strength as well as excellent heat and moisture resistance. Due to low reactivation temperatures, OYTIPUR adhesives ensure gentle handling of the components and materials during the lamination of 3D furniture panels.

Thus material defect caused through high temperatures can be avoided completely when using our OYTIPUR series adhesives. Many of our adhesives can be reactivated with temperatures starting at 55°C-60°C.