Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot Melt Adhesives are based on polymers such as Thermoplastic Elastomers, Polyolefines (APAO), or EVA. Characteristics such as good initial and final strength low odour, emission-free and aging-resistant are only some of the defining features of our products. Our adhesives are available in customised versions from tack-free to high tack qualities.

Our process-oriented Hot Melt Adhesives are highly user-friendly and enable excellent integration in your production processes. Please approach us directly, we will be happy to advise and guide you through our product range.

  • Hot melt adhesives

    based on SBS/SIS

    OYTITHERM Hot Melt Adhesives and Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesives (HMPSA) based on Thermoplastic Elastomers are specifically suited for mattress manufacturing processes. Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesives (HMPSA), are used in the fabrication of self-adhesive products such as tapes or labels.

  • Hot melt adhesives

    based on APAO

    OYTITHERM Hot Melt Adhesives based on Polyolefines such as APAO are high performance adhesive solutions for a variety of applications. OYTITHERM APAO Hotmelts are distinguished by their very high inner strength, heat resistance and aggresive tack on various substrates.

  • Hot melt adhesives

    based on EVA

    OYTITHERM Hot Melt Adhesives based on EVA are focused to be a cost-effective solution for the production of pocket springs. Our EVA Hot Melts are also widely used in various industries ranging from the woodworking industry to the packaging sector.

Hot melt adhesives

SBS/SIS based

OYTITHERM Pressure Sensitive Hotmelt Adhesives based on Thermoplastic Elastomers polymers distinguish themselves by the interaction of  their characteristics of high inner strength and elastic and flexible bond seams. They provide excellent initial tack and adhesion on various surfaces and materials. According to their requirements customers can chose types that permanent tacky including special Green Tack Adhesives.

OYTITHERM Pressure Sensitive Hotmelt Adhesives are particularly suitable for mattress manufacturing, self-adhesive product solutions and in the automotive industry, e.g. cable retention.

  • Flexible bond seam and aging resistance
  • Odorless and emission-free
  • Tailor-made processing parameters

Hot melt adhesives

APAO based

  • Very high inner strength and fast build-up of cohesion
  • Very high heat resistance
  • Very good adhesion
  • Odorless, emission-free, tailor-made processing parameters

OYTITHERM Hotmelt Adhesives based on APAO polymers are the high-performance solution for a variety of applications. APAO Hotmelts are coming along with the highest performance specifications among conventional Hotmelt Adhesives. Heat resistance starting as high as 110°C, ultra high inner strength and aggressive tack on various substrates are making APAO Hotmelts the use of choice for quality-aware users. Due to their high performance parameters OYTITHERM APAO Hotmelts find application in a wide range of industries including the automotive supplier industry or the woodworking area.

Our specially developed OYTITHERM APAO-series for the foam processing industry has established itself as a highly reliably and robust adhesive solution for the manufacture of upholstery furniture. Despite conventional solutions like solvent-borne or water based adhesives, OYTITHERM APAO adhesives offer very long open time and very high inner strength, especially for tension bondings, making OYTITHERM a very delicate choice for quality-aware users from the uphosltery industry.

Hot melt adhesives

EVA based

OYTITHERM EVA-Hot Melt Adhesives offer elasticity, thermal stability and high heat resistance for applications such as pocket-spring manufacturing for the mattress industry or at use in automated packaging lines.

Our carefully developed adhesives are fine-tuned solutions for a variety of highly automated manufacturing processes. Our strength: Tailor-made solutions for numerous applications.


  • High elasticity
  • Short open time
  • Thermal stability
  • High heat resistance
  • High tensile strength