We are adhesive pioneers
and most importantly
problem solvers!


Ever present. Always application-oriented.

  • Automotive

    Adhesives are an important component in the manufacturing process of the automotive industry. OYTI adhesives are designed to master the most challenging manufacturing methods and allow their customers to not only offer durability of car interiors but also high visual appeal.

  • Foam & Upholstery

    OYTI provides top quality adhesives for the upholstery furniture market. This market is exposed to manufacturing processes consisting of a broad material diversity. Not only high performance and low adhesive consumption are crucial but also durable, flexible and odor-free bonding is required.

  • Filter

    Adhesives used in the filter production process must fulfill the highest standards as they are protecting unit of high performance components and preserve against damaging external influences. OYTI adhesives are specially formulated for the manufacture of filter elements.

  • Mattress

    OYTI offers maximum efficiency in the mattress manufacturing process with continous development of our innovative technology. We provide our customers with high performance adhesives which prove to be durable, economical and easy to process.


OYTITHERM Hot Melt Adhesives are based on polymers such as Thermoplastic Elastomers, Polyolefins (APAO) or EVA. Characteristics such as good initial and final strength low odour, emission-free and aging-resistant are only some of the defining features of our products.

Our adhesives are available in customized versions from tack-free to high tack qualities.



OYTITACK & OYTIPUR Water Based Adhesives are aqueous dispersions based on CR (polychloroprene latex), PUR (polyurethane), PVAC (polyvinyl acetate) and acrylate basis. Our adhesives guarantee high shear stability and excellent heat resistance and are completed by being free of solvents and have therefore no risk of flammability.


At a glance

OYTI are pioneers in the development of application and customer-oriented industrial adhesives. OYTI was founded in Turkey in 2018 and looks back to decades of experience and influential innovations in the adhesives industry. Our production plant is equipped with the latest technology and provides its customers world wide with high performance quality adhesives.


    Pioneering spirit

    OYTI not only offers an extensive standard product range but also customized and problem oriented product solutions for rapidly changing technologies and constantly growing market requirements.

    At OYTI we work with a team of highly qualified professionals with long-term experience in the development and application of industrial adhesives.


    Performing Innovation

    Innovation is not just a concept for us. It is a part of our philosophy. We constantly invest in research and development of our production processes.

    This demands being up to date not only with our own market but also with the market of our solution partners.