About us

Global. Dynamic. Visionary.

OYTI are pioneers in the development of application and customer-oriented industrial adhesives.

OYTI, founded in Turkey in 2018, looks with its team back at decades of experience and influential innovations in the adhesives industry. Our staff consists of hand-picked and highly qualified chemists and engineers relying on working experience throughout Europe.

The production facility is located in Yalova and fitted with state of the art production technology and, therefore, provides our customers around the world high-performance adhesives of the best quality. Our adhesives are primarily used in the automotive supply industry and furniture production, as well as in the foam processing industry for the production of mattresses and upholstery furniture.

We believe that in order to deliver best solutions we need to know and control the primary processes behind our products. Our vision is not only to supply but to be a part of our customers projects. Working only in those markets where we can make a significant and purposeful contribution allows us to connect with our customer and deliver powerful work.


Quality is no coincidence!

We at OYTI are fully aware of the ever-growing responsibility we have for the development of tailor-made system solutions for our customers.


Therefore, we exclusively use carefully selected materials from Europe, Asia, and the United States. We guarantee the high and consistent quality of our adhesives through rigorous incoming and outgoing inspections.

For us, production and process stability are not just buzzwords, but matter of fact.


We produce our products following carefully developed formulas. Experts from the development and quality assurance laboratories continuously monitor our production. Aside from internal controlling, we also place high value on tried-and-true quality management.

For us, regular audits and the related certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 is the rule.


Facility and supply ability

process equipment

The production facility of OYTI, in operation since 2018 in Yalova – near Istanbul, Turkey, has proven itself to be a logistically convenient node allowing for short delivery times to Europe, Eurasia, and Asia.

Production installations are equipped with state of the art technology and, together with a high storage capacity, this guarantees a large and responsive supply capacity.