OYTI Casting Systems
2-component Polyurethane based puring systems for filter end-caps
Polyamide based adhesives for air filtration



OYTI casting Systems based on polyurethane, are available as two component systems (filled or non-filled) and are solvent-free.

OYTI pouring systems used in the filter production process must fulfil the highest standards as they are the protecting unit of high-performance components and preserve against damaging external influences.

OYTI pouring systems guarantee high quality and are specially formulated for the manufacture of filter elements such as filter-inserts, filter end-caps, filter cartridges and replacement filters. Properties such as high initial strength, high temperature resistance and an open time adapted to the line speed are qualities the production process demands on the pouring system.


Air-, dust-, oil-, and diesel filters

Polyol and MDI-Isocyanate are the two main components of our Polyurethane based casting Systems. Both components are poured by dosing machines. Once mixed, the hardening (reaction between Polyol and MDI-Isocyanate) begins (pot life).

Pot life, shore and other processing parameter can be adjusted according to the requirements of the applicator.